Application of hairy root culture

Ultimately, prospects on the benefits linked to the use of the -omics technologies, such as metabolomics and transcriptomics to speed up the identification and the large-scale production of lead agents from bioengineered Cannabis cell culture, are presented.

WO1994020606A1 - Culture de tissus vegetaux pour la production de taxol - Google Patents

Keywords : fibers, hemp, Cannabis, cellulose, lignin, cannabinoids, terpenes, lignans. The current climatic and economic scenario pushes toward the use of sustainable resources to reduce our dependence on petrochemicals and to minimize the impact on the environment. Plants are precious natural resources, because they can supply both phytochemicals and lignocellulosic biomass. In this review, we focus on hemp Cannabis sativa L. We treat the aspects related to the use of hemp biomass and, more extensively, those linked to its wide variety of phytochemicals.

Known since the ancient times for its medicinal and textileuses Russo et al. This shows the great versatility of this fiber crop and encourages future studies focused on both Cannabis bio chemistry and genetic engineering.

Hemp varieties producing oil, biomass or even both are currently cultivated and the availability of the hemp genome sequence greatly helps molecular studies on this important crop van Bakel et al. The final scope of this review is to discuss the potential of hemp for industry and to highlight its importance for the bio-economy. More specifically, we : i describe the use of hemp biomass i.

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Andre, Ref document number : Country of ref document : JP. Country of ref document : KR. Ref country code : DE.

WO2005063227A1 - Procede de production d'une composition de triterpene - Google Patents

Country of ref document : DE. L'invention concerne un procédé de production d'une composition de triterpène. JPWOA1 fr. KRA fr. WOA1 fr. CHEN J.

Application of transgenic hairy root culture

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Hairy root culture

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